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Tom L.

I have known John for years as one of the top realtors in San Francisco. I have worked both with his clients and with those on the opposite side of deals with his clients. I had the opportunity to work with John myself last year, and he was terrific. I am a San Francisco attorney. I was representing a trust that owned a partial interest in a rental property. All parties decided they wanted to sell, but one of the parties decided that she was entitled to a greater share of the sale proceeds than her percentage share of ownership of the property warranted — the proverbial partner from hell. Litigation resulted, and the court ultimately ordered the property sold. The only problem was that the parties couldn’t agree upon a realtor, but also didn’t want the court making the appointment. I was reluctant to ask John to become involved due to all of the acrimony among the parties. However, John told me he was game, and would give it a try. Amazingly, after John interviewed with all of the parties, they all agreed to list the property with him. From that date forward, the real estate transaction proceeded as if there had never been problems. Even the partner from hell agreed to accept her rightful percentage share of the sale proceeds. I’m not sure how John was able to pull this off. What was apparent, though, was that all of the parties had tremendous trust in John. For my money, if John could make this deal work, he could make any deal work. I give John the highest of recommendations.