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Ayn K.

John helped me with my first transaction on a two unit building in 2003. I was most impressed with his professionalism and his patience. One thing I truly appreciate is his proactive communication, and his strategic advice. I really wanted the two unit building and in my eagerness, was prepared to pay way over asking. However, due to John’s astute assessment and counseling, I reluctantly followed his advice. I purchased the building at $150,000 below what I was going to pay. I could not believe my luck. John had helped me on four other transactions since. He truly looked out for my best interests. In 2005, I sold my personal residence while I was staying there. I was a very difficult person to work with. I am a neat freak and get flustered easily if a stranger sits on my couch and flattens one of my pillows. I could not get used to strangers trudging through my spotless home with their filthy shoes. I insisted that he get everyone to remove their shoes prior to entering my home. He received a lot of rude and nasty comments by visitors and some left. I was there to listen to all the nasty comments. He smiled through all the nasty verbal abuse, but was persistent on carrying out my unreasonable request. One of the visitors who came to my open house was a prominent newscaster and his friend. On the way out, his friend lost his extremely expensive sports shoes. The next day, John delivered a check to the newscaster to pay for the shoes. The newscaster was most impressed with his action. John is not just a Realtor®, he is “one-stop-shop” mini-project manager. He provided me with a cleaning crew, hauling, staging adviser, movers, and handyman to help me get my properties ready when I was ready to sell. John also exhibits kindness. There was a time when he took me to view a home. An elderly lady fell down the stairs and just lied on the ground. The listing agent froze and did nothing. All other visitors just stood back, even the old lady’s family. John immediately went over to check on the lady and carried her to the car. The family of this lady was most grateful. John is definitely not your typical Realtor® who is only focused on closing the transaction and run. He is definitely my go to adviser for all my real estate investments!